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Draffenville Comfort Inn reopens after meth was found in room

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A local hotel is back open for business just in time for holiday travelers. The Comfort Inn and Suites in Draffenville, Kentucky closed last week after ingredients for meth were found in a room. 

It was business as usual on Tuesday for staff at the Comfort Inn in Draffenville.

That wasn't the case last week. The Marshall County Sheriff's Office says the hotel was evacuated after staff noticed a foul smell coming from a room. Marshall County Emergency Management Director Curt Curtner's team was called in when deputies found ingredients for manufacturing meth in that room.
"The owner of hotel, it's his responsibility to clean it up," Curtner said.

The hotel shut down for two days to do just that.

"Employees that worked there lost work, so it wasn't an affect on just a motel, you know, the whole area is affected by that," Curtner said.

Not only was the room gutted but a restoration company came in and cleaned all carpets, basements, baseboards, windows and walls in the hotel.

The hotel opened after getting clearance from the health department, but Curtner says the meth manufacturing problem is far from over.

"It's a public hazard that just seems to keep growing hopefully eventually we can get a hold of that," Curtner said.

The hotel's owner, Serenity Hospitality Inc. did release the following statement. 
"Unfortunately, a hazardous drug incident happened on Wednesday the 16th involving a guest who was employed with an out of state company. The Department of Health worked with the Department of Environmental Services to evacuate the hotel and evaluate the situation. The owners of the hotel, Serenity Hospitality Inc., arrived immediately and started working with Juli Conner from the local Marshall County Health Department. Waterboy Restoration, a state registered company whom specializes in the removal and restoration of hazardous materials, were called. After a two day long clean up and decontamination procedure, we received official clearance from the Marshall County health department. We reopened our doors Saturday the 19th at 6PM. Serenity Hospitality took this issue with great concern and made the appropriate steps to insure that our future guest safety would not be compromised."

Curtner says the ingredients can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation and burning eyes. He says you're also risking the chance of burns or even causing an explosion.

Marshall County Sheriff's deputies arrested Jason Smith of Tompkinsville, Kentucky after an investigation. Deputies say they found meth on him. He's charged with a number of drug offenses, including manufacturing methamphetamine.

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