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Thieves steal hospital Christmas tree

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The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but someone else is responsible for a holiday heist at a local hospital.

Inside the lobby of the Franklin Hospital, Judy Courter says it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.

"We want to make it look nice and we're all about our patients,” said Courter.  “We want them to feel at home even though they are sick"

Once you walk out the door, and onto the grounds, it's obvious that another sign of Christmas is missing.

"Someone took the Tree of Life,” said Courter.  “They actually dug it up and actually took it with the lights."

However this isn’t the hospital’s first holiday heist.

"We have had baby Jesus stolen from the manger," said Courter.

While the nativity figure was eventually returned Shirley Smith isn’t so sure the tree will ever be found.

"Anybody that steals a Christmas tree at Christmas can't have very much Christmas spirit," said Smith.

"Whoever took it I hope it wasn't because of an ill will thing," said Courter.

"That's pretty bad and the Grinch ought to get them," said Smith.

Since there is no surveillance video, and no witnesses, it could take a Christmas miracle to get the tree return.

Courter says at this time the hospital hasn’t filed a police report for the missing tree.

The hope is that the tree is simply returned.

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