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In isolation case, no criminal charges brought against southern Illinois teacher

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No criminal charges are being filed against a Marion, Illinois, teacher who placed a boy in an "isolation room" to punish him earlier this fall, the Williamson County State's Attorney's office announced Thursday.

The student was placed in the isolation room at Marion Junior High School for an extended period of time as a punishment for classroom behavior, the attorney's office said. The case was investigated by Marion Police Department, and the attorney's office says it has spent several weeks reviewing the case and researching what the law says about the issue. 

In a news release sent Thursday, the attorney's office said, "There is no question that the student was held in the isolation room and that many of the administrative procedures under the Illinois School Code concerning isolation rooms were likely not followed." However, the attorney's office said the question is whether the teacher's actions were criminal, and that no charges are being filed. 

The attorney's office noted that the student's family is petitioning the Illinois State Board of Education to investigate and pursuing civil action. The attorney's office said it will cooperate with the state board of education if needed for that investigation, and that, "In order to preserve the integrity of the civil case and the administrative investigation, we have no further comment at this time."

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