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Mysterious decorated trees spread holiday cheer

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A random act of kindness created a holiday mystery for a local county. Someone has been decorating trees on roadways in Crittenden County.

Weeks before Christmas, Natalie Parish looked out across her farm when what to her wondering eyes should appear?

"The first thought, I was like 'I don't really think I did see that,' and then I drove up the road a few more feet and saw another one," Parish said.

Two decorated Christmas trees sat on the edge of her family's property, loud and clear.

My father-in-law just passed away a few years ago. This farm was very important to him, so I felt like it was a little piece of heaven," Parish said.

Word of the trees spread quickly. The culprit? Still a mystery.

"You know, I was wondering if I was going to see a tree on my road," said Dawn Beckner from Marion County.

Everyone, including Beckner and her son, wondered if they would get to see one.

"He called me and said 'We have a tree decorated on our road,'" Beckner said.

The people behind it: Toni Miniard, Cassidy Kirk and a few friends hoping to spread some cheer.

"We just thought it'd be something fun and different to do. It doesn't really seem like Christmas, being so warm," Kirk said.

Will we see these decorations again next year? 

"Next year it might be something different. We just never know," Miniard said.

That's the start of another holiday mystery.

"It's just warmed everybody's heart and put them in holiday spirit," Beckner said.

It's an idea that just may go down in the small community's history.

Miniard and Kirk say their next mission is cleaning up all the decorations. Miniard, Kirk, Matt Watson and Mike Puckett decorated nine trees around the county. 

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