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Men flood the mall for some last-minute shopping, bag holding

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'Twas the day before Christmas and all through the mall people were shopping, some big, some small.

"Finishing up some last-minute Christmas shopping," says Brian Courtney. "Thank goodness!"

As his wife shops for deals at the Kentucky Oaks Mall, Brian Courtney is put on stroller duty.

"I get to push the stroller and maintain sane with the kids," says Courtney.

Bruce Elam says he enjoys shopping, especially on Christmas Eve.

"Catch a lot of good bargains today," says Elam.

While most men are here to shop, Sammy Morris and his brother are focusing their attention on other things.

"Why wouldn't you want to come to the mall and watch girls shop?" asks Morris.

Watch them shop, hold their bags, same thing right?

"I'd rather be playing golf," says Nelson Shelby.

Instead, Shelby is in charge of carrying all the bags.

Not all women enjoy having a man around while they shop.

Corinne Merrill says there no point in inviting them to come along.

"They slow us down," says Merrill. "We have to much to do to be keeping up with them."

Now that the shopping is done, the race is on to get those gifts wrapped and under the tree.

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