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Day after Christmas sales

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The day after Christmas may be the new black Friday. Holiday data from American express finds 66% plan to shop on the 26th versus 45% on black Friday, and 47% on Cyber Monday this year.

At Kohl’s in Paducah, people were buying and returning gifts. American Express data shows most people on the 26th are planning to buy things for themselves, use gift cards they got on Christmas day, or take advantage of sales.

Shopper Patti Williamson came to shop Saturday for the sales.

“You're really saving more money after Christmas. So, we still have one more Christmas in our family, and we are going to save some money, and maybe get some nice gifts,” Williamson said.

Williamson isn't only looking for savings in late Christmas gifts, but future birthday gifts.

“I’m shopping for my grandchildren. I have three boys and two girls, and of course the frozen is a big thing this year,” Williamson said.

American Express holiday data reveals the average American will spend $186 Saturday, down slightly from last year, but the day after Christmas is also a big time for returns.

Mitchell and Laura Jones waited in line Saturday to make a return.

“We’re actually swapping out a couple pair of jeans for him,” Laura said.

Laura says she’s happy they haven't dealt with crowded stores.

“We went to Wal-Mart this morning the lines weren't too bad there. This is our next stop, so really, it hasn't been real bad,” Laura said.

American Express research also finds 76% of Americans find it socially acceptable to re-gift! The top re-gifted items? 22% of re-gifted items are kitchenware, 17% are sweaters, and %15 are scarves.

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