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Rising Ohio River prompts city to install floodgates

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The City of Paducah announced Monday night its plans to install the city's floodgates along the flood wall.  The decision comes after the latest forecast by the national Weather Service indicated that the river is expected to crest at 49 feet on Tuesday, January 5.  

"A forecast of 49 feet triggers us to take additional action.  We have been monitoring forecasts and maintaining the pump stations.  Now we are going to initiate floodgate installation,"  City Engineer-Public Works Director Rick Murphy said.

"It takes some preparation time to get city crews scheduled and the equipment in place.  Those preparations will start now so that crews can be ready to install floodgates late this week or weekend in anticipation of Tuesday's river stage."  

In a news release the city's Public Information Officer, Pam Spencer, said once crews and equipment are in place, the first 20 gates can be installed in less than 12 hours.

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