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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moving equipment and workers to Birds Point in Cairo

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District says it has started mobilizing people, barges and equipment to Birds Point levee in Cairo, Illinois.

The Corps said in a Tuesday news release that Cairo is expected to crest at 59 feet on January 5, based on National Weather Service forecasts. That would be the third highest on record.

"Forecasters believe the river will remain above 49 feet for several days depending upon additional rainfall," The Corps said. "During flood-fight activities, Corps personnel monitor all federal flood control works including levees, flood walls and pumping stations."

"Although we do not anticipate operating the floodway," the Corps said. "We are preparing for any contingency that will protect the integrity of the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project."  

The Corps also said its Great Lakes and Ohio River Division is making the most use that it can of its available storage space in the Kentucky-Barkley reservoirs, which it said is "essentially reducing the crest from 61 feet or higher." The Corps said confidence in this historic river forecast is high.

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