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Farmers preparing for the worst in Mississippi County, Missouri

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is stationed near Cairo, Illinois. The Corps decided to activate it's flood fighting emergency management operations. It's monitoring the Birds Point Levee.

Back in 2011 they breached the levee and flooded farmland in Missouri to relieve some of the water in Cairo. Local farmers who bore the brunt of the 2011 flood say they're preparing for the worst.

Farmers see the water levels at the Birds Point levee keep rising, and while they see similarities to 2011, they're hoping things turn out differently. 

Bill Feezor lost more than 600 acres of land when the Corps opened the floodway onto his land and others.

He says it was devastating to his livelihood and his crops, likening it to losing a year's salary.

Feezor is now preparing well ahead of any devastation this year, but he says he's staying optimistic.

"It was hectic because we never experienced it before and, because we never experienced it, we didn't know what to expect," Feezor says. 

Feezor says on the bright side, if there was any time to lose a crop, it would be now so he could have time to replace it.

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