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Smithland flooding predicted to be not as bad as 2011

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Smithland, KY -

In 2011, the Ohio River in Smithland, Kentucky, crested at nearly 55 feet, 15 feet above flood stage.

"We were within an inch or two of topping our levies," says Livingston County Emergency Management Chief Deputy Director David Koon.

Nearly five years later, the river is rising again. This time, it's expected to only reach 47.5 feet. 

"We're talking about being down still below our roadway here," says Koon.

This means they won’t have to sandbag unless the water level rises to 48 feet or more. Koon says if that does happen, they're ready for it.

"Right now, we're prepared for that," says Koon. "We will have everything on hand and we will be ready if the crest was to go higher, we'll be ready for 48 but at this time they're pretty confident that 47.5 will be where we stay."

As the river continues to rise, you'll find Yolonda Thomason on the bank with her camera. She moved to Smithland 44 years ago and knows how damaging the Ohio River can be when it floods. She says it's heartwarming to hear that this is nothing compared to 2011.

"It's just a wonderful thought that it's a possibility that it will not have to happen," says Thomason.

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