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Six things to know - 12/31/15

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Here are six things to know for today.

The US 51, Ohio River "Cairo" Bridge is closed because of rising floodwaters. You will have to take an 80 mile detour through southern Illinois to get around it.

Drug tests for Lakeisha Holloway are positive for marijuana and marijuana metabolites. She is the woman police say deliberately drove through a crowd of pedestrians in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Tonya Couch, the mother of Ethan Couch, is back in the United States this morning. Ethan is the Texas teen who avoided jailtime for a deadly DUI crash by claiming to have affluenza. Ethan is now in a facility in Mexico City.

Authorities in Brussels have canceled their annual New Year's Eve fireworks display in an effort to protect the city against possible terror attacks. This comes after a Belgium man was arrested overnight for his alleged connection to the Paris terror attacks.

Bill Cosby is out on bond this morning. He was arrested yesterday on a sexual assault charge. This is the first time he's been charged with a crime despite dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct.

6,000 police will be on duty tonight during New York's New Year's Eve celebration in Time's Square. Tonight's party begins with musical performances, including Luke Bryan, Demi Lovato, and Carrie Underwood, and ends with fireworks and the decent of a glittering crystal ball from a rooftop flagpole.

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