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Thebes pastor keeps faith while protecting church from flood waters

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Many families in Thebes, Illinois are leaving their homes, but not all. Local pastor, Jimmy Monahan lives in Thebes, but Friday morning he was more concerned about protecting his church from the flood waters. 
Apostolic Lighthouse has welcomed worshipers since the 1920's. Now it's up to Monahan, the church's pastor, to protect it. He says he has lived in Thebes for more than 40 years and has never seen anything like this.
"When you live in the water, you can expect anything, but I never once ever expected it to be this high," Monahan said.
That's why he spent the day trying to protect what he can.
"I had to move all my stuff yesterday, but I didn't move it high enough.  I've already had to remove everything this morning and it just keeps coming higher than I thought it'd come," Monahan said.
Friday morning water had already made its way into the church's basement. Monahan says he already knows he'll have to do some rebuilding. He's also trying to keep faith.
"I wish it wouldn't keep raising and I hope and pray," Monahan said.
He says right now he's not planning on leaving his home, but he is keeping a close eye on his church, crossing his fingers the water in there doesn't get any higher.

Monahan says he's not too worried about his home because it sits on a hill.

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