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River levels drop in Jackson County

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People in Jackson County are hopeful now that river levels are going down. It looks like levees in Grand Tower, Illinois will stay intact. An evacuation order remains in place in Grand Tower.

Water levels on the Mississippi are slowly going down. the mayor says it went down more than a foot over night.

While the river situation is looking promising in Grand Tower, the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency is still advising people to leave their homes.

The mayor's wife, Joyce Ellet, has barely slept this week. She's been busy preparing food for all volunteers and evacuees who need a warm meal. She has one word to describe what's the town has gone through.

"It's a nightmare, a living nightmare. The only thing good that has come out of it is, like I said, the support, the love and support that has come out of it. It has restored my faith in humanity," Ellet said.

The county has people monitoring the river to decide when people can return home. The emergency management agency says it could be as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

Anyone who needs food or help leaving can contact Grand Tower city hall. A Red Cross shelter is also open in Murphysboro.

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