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Small companies doing big things at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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The  Consumer Electronics Show is big for big companies like Sony, Samsung and LG. They're getting all of the press, but what I like about CES is going out to find small companies doing big things.

Marc Todd with Skreens explains that "Skreens is actually a brand new media platform. It has four HDMI inputs that'll take four independent signal sources. In this example, I've got twitter at the same time I've got an Xbox with ESPN. I can resize the screens."

Meghan Matheny, with UB Tech Robotics, say's their robots are "robots that you've imagined all your life. They've brought them out to you. Alpha 2, who is over there dancing, is a humanoid."

Sydney Wiseman with Wowee shows off Chip, a robotic dog. "He's as real to the actual pet that you will see," Wiseman says. "He's actually one of the only dogs who fetch in real time."

Tristan Evarts with Smart Wheel explains that "Smart Wheel is the first intelligent steering wheel cover that prevents distracted driving."

"I can put my hands wherever I want. If I take my hands off the wheel, that's obviously unsafe, it turns blue. All that data is stored on our device and all that data is transmittable to bluetooth," Evarts says. "So now parents of young drivers can track their improvement" He says the product was designed for teen drivers, but "It will work with any driver, in any car and on any steering wheel."

And it's fun to mention that Tristan has only been driving for 3 years.

Most of those devices aren’t available yet. In fact they’re just being unveiled this week. They’ll all be ready in time for Christmas. CES wraps up Friday.

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