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Flooding cleanup begins in Thebes, Ill.

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The cleanup is finally beginning for the people of Thebes, Illinois, now that the flood waters there are starting to go down.

Bobby White, a city maintenance worker for Thebes, is spending the day raking up all the mud left behind from the Mississippi flood waters. He’s out cleaning out the Public Works Department office Thursday. He says it’s the first day the waters have been low enough to allow them to clean.

White says with waters still high and a big mess left in its wake, both he and the town have a long road of flooding cleanup ahead of them.

"Pick up all the trash out of the mud, so when we connect our fire hose over here we're not washing everything out in the street. So, we're trying to fine tooth comb it, get everything picked up, and then tomorrow we're going to wash it out," said White.

White says they have a lot of clean-up ahead of them. He says any volunteers who want to help out and lend a hand are more than welcome and can come down to Thebes.

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