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Church to host squirrel hunt, angering opponents alleging animal abuse

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New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church is finding itself in the middle of allegations of being non-Christian after posting a flyer about a squirrel hunt Saturday.

Opponents believe the church is promoting killing innocent lives. "I think it devalues life and it normalizes violence," said Karen, who is against the hunt.

She didn't want us to use her last name, but she joined the New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church Killing The Innocent Facebook page after reading of the church's planned hunt.  She also signed an online petition that now has more than 54,000 signatures calling on the church to cancel.

"There are always squirrels that are found injured, but not killed.  Some are never found, and they are eaten alive," Karen told Local 6 over the phone.

No one from the church returned our calls for comment.  But, they are getting a lot of support on social media from members and non members who are backing the church's decision to still hold the hunt.

One post reads, "Thank you all for putting this hunt on. I myself came to know Him by an outdoor night at my church!" Another says, "Awesome idea to keep the heritage alive. I hope there's a ton of father/son teams."

Karen said this isn't the best way to promote camaraderie and feels the church can educate its members by hosting other activities. "If they are trying to draw the community together, why not feed squirrels. Later this month is National Squirrel Day. Have a squirrel parade, and educate the children about wildlife and a more peaceful way to bring people to Christ," she said. 

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