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Record-setting Powerball jackpot to be drawn Saturday night

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William Winter & Eric Foss William Winter & Eric Foss
Terry Cooley & Brenda Cooley Terry Cooley & Brenda Cooley

A lot of people throughout the Local 6 area got their Powerball fix by buying tickets for the $900 million dollar jackpot.

Heather Spears has been working at Paducah’s Mini-Mart for more than a year and says Saturday was the busiest for lottery sales.

“I think it's huge. This is the mega,” Brenda Cooley said. She and her husband, Terry Cooley, stopped by on their way to Nashville, Tennessee to be a part of the craziness. They’re both retired and although they say life is pretty sweet for the, winning the Powerball would make it sweeter.

They’re not the only people dreaming of a win. “We’ve been talking about it the whole way down, actually,” Eric Foss said. She and William Winter are traveling through from Minnesota. They say they’re buying a ticket in each state to increase their odds. They have big plans for the money, too. “Buy our family a house. We talked about, because we live in Rochester, Minnesota, we talked about donating like 50 million dollars,” Foss added.

She says the lottery traffic is bringing in added revenue and it’s even convinced her to buy one for the first time.

The odds of winning are 1 in 292,000,000. 

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