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Six things to know - 1/13/16

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Here are six things to know for today.

Iran State Television is reporting that 10 U.S. sailors detained by Iran have been released. Iran's government determined that their entry into Iranian waters was not intentional and was due to mechanical difficulty.

President Obama will take his message out on the road this week. The president will make stops in Omaha, Nebraska and Baton Rouge, Louisiana to talk about the issues he outlined in the State of the Union address and his plans for the remainder of his administration.

The Rams are leaving St. Louis for the west coast. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that team owners approved the proposal to move the Rams to Los Angeles by a vote of 30 to 2. The San Diego Chargers were also given the option to relocate.

Turkish police have arrested three Russian nationals in connection to the deadly bombing that killed ten people on Tuesday. Fifteen people were wounded. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A federal appeals court has ruled that wearing unearned military medals is free speech and is protected by the first amendment. The court ruling would strike down the Stolen Valor Act, which made it a federal misdemeanor to wear any U.S. military decoration or medal that you didn't earn.

The big drawing for the record breaking Powerball jackpot is tonight. The jackpot is now $1.5 billion. The lump-sum payment is $930 million.

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