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Six things to know - 1/15/16

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Edward Ream Edward Ream

Here are six things to know today.

New Mexico says it will sue the EPA for accidentally unleashing three million gallons of mine wastewater into state waters and contaminating drinking water for thousands of people. New Mexico says it also plans to sue the state of Colorado and the owners of  the Gold King and Sunnyside mines.

A new Ebola case has popped up in Sierra Leone. A corpse tested positive for the virus, the day after the World Health Organization declared the outbreak over in West Africa.

The state of Michigan is now asking the federal government for help with its drinking water crisis in Flint. The state's governor Rick Snyder is asking for President Obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration for the city.

We'll have a crew in the courtroom today when a judge sentences Edward Ream. He's the man who admitted to using anti-freeze to poison several dogs in Ballard County.

Eastern Illinois University and Bradley University are adding their names to the list of colleges and universities that are saying no to hoverboards. More than 20 schools have banned the scooters over fire concerns.

This morning we will finally know one of the winners of the record breaking Powerball jackpot. The couple from Tennessee who won will be on the Today show this morning with an exclusive interview. The winners from California and Florida have not come forward yet.

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