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Reshipping scam making its way through Local 6 area

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It's the latest online scam that's targeting some in our area. McCracken County Detective Matt Carter said it could put you in a sticky situation.

"This is something that, for more than one reason, people locally need not get involved in or with," Carter told Local 6.

It's called the reshipping scam, where online companies pay you to reship packages. It may sound easy, but Carter said under the layers of tape is often a fraudulent business hiding behind your good deeds. "They are simply trying to ship these packages to multiple addresses to help provide a layer of protection if you will to isolate their identity," he said. 

Your participation could have dire consequences. He said not only are these scams too good to be true, but they could land you in prison for mail or wire fraud.

One Paducah woman filled out an application, providing her name, address and date of birth. The employment may look legitimate until you try to get paid. Carter said companies can send you a phony cashier's check alerting banks of fraud.

"It's absurd that anyone is going to pay that kind of money to simply forward packages," Carter said.  

He cautions it is best to just ignore the ads in order to avoid the federal government from appearing on your doorstep. "From their standpoint, they are technically a co-conspirator," he said. 

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