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Family's priceless memories carried away by flood

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The sound of ice breaking is a familiar noise for Sherry Pecord as she stares out at her property.

Just a few weeks ago Sherry's yard was covered in water, but her home sat dry on top of the hill.

"We took a lot of stuff out of the house and put it in the loft of the shop, because in 2011 we just had water," says Sherry. "So we thought: high ground, you're safe."

However, unlike in 2011, the Mississippi River breached the Len Small Levee in Alexander County, just a mile away from Sherry's home, and the destruction was unimaginable.

"The water that rode through here was crazy," says Sherry. "It was like rapids."

The current was so strong, it ripped the family's shop right off its foundation, taking it from the home and carrying it about a half-mile down the road where it sits now.

"Just went underneath, buckled it and just popped all that concrete," says Sherry. "It's crazy. A few things we were able to get out, and then the rest of it was just destroyed."

Childhood toys were gone and grandma's china set lay in pieces somewhere inside the pile of lumber.

The rapid water also tore through their 1,800 acres of farmland. Now it looks more like a sandy beach.

"That's our livelihood," says Sherry. "That's our paycheck, so we have no income."

Sherry says it'll probably be another year until they can get their field ready for farming again, but she says it could be longer than that if the levee isn't fixed soon.

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