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Dog healing one week after abandoned in ditch

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A sick dog nearly died after it was abandoned in the cold one week ago, but it has a second chance at life now. 

Even on the coldest of days, Gabrielle the dog is warming hearts.

"I've never seen her do that! She definitely feels better,” said Amber Gulley, a kennel tech with the Perry County Humane Society.

Friendly and ready to play, Gabrielle is practically a different animal than the one rescued last week.

Gulley says Gabrielle was left in a ditch, sick and with little food and a thin blanket, near a Mulkeytown cemetery. "A man was driving home from working on his cabin and saw a blanket in the ditch. And he saw that there was a dog there. It was her. He thought she was dead, but then she moved,” she said.

Gulley says the man went home to get his family, then they came back with supplies to check on the dog. Then they called Franklin County Animal Control. The next day, Gulley says animal control turned the dog over to their care. They named her Gabrielle, meaning "God is my strength."

Now, the strong 1-and-a-half-year-old pup is starting to heal.

"Her scabs are starting to heal. And that's just in that short period of time with antibiotics and medicated baths," Gulley said.

Gabrielle is all hugs for her rescuers here at the Perry County Humane Society, but they say the real hero is the good Samaritan who went back for her.

"She had someone watching over her," Gulley said.

Her worms, mange, swollen limbs, and even her infections are healing. The once malnourished, sad dog is turning in to a happy, healthy pup. And one day soon, she'll be someone’s pet.

Gabrielle will not be up for adoption until she’s fully healed and ready for her new forever home.

The Perry County Humane Society is taking donations for Gabrielle and the other cats and dogs staying there, including sweaters for Gabrielle to stay warm. If you would like to donate, you can go to the Perry County Humane Society, or donate online by clicking here.

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