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Keeping pets safe and warm during cold winter days

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As cold as it feels for us outside, these cold wintery days feel even colder to your pet.

Animal experts say your dog or cat should not be left outside unless you have no choice. If you do have to leave them outside, check their paws and ears for frostbite and keep an eye out for hypothermia. Make sure they have access to food and warm water that hasn’t been frozen.

Whenever you’re hopping in your car, hit the hood first. An animal could have crawled up on your engine, trying to keep warm.

"If there's maybe a cat in your neighborhood that goes in and out, definitely make sure. And you know, squirrels can get up there. And you don't want to be driving around with that in your car," said Amber Gulley, Perry County Humane Society.

If it starts to snow, make sure to check your pet’s paws for rock salt that may have gotten stuck in the pads.

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