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Cold temperatures to blame for overdue Kentucky Avenue project

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If you’ve been along Kentucky Avenue recently, you’ve probably seen orange cones. Although the Kentucky Avenue project is four days overdue, it doesn’t look the cones are going away just yet.

The $7.7 million Kentucky Avenue Project is 1 mile between Otis Dinning Drive and Walter Jetton Boulevard.

Rick Rogers, manager of Jonestone Supply, says he’s thankful for loyal customers. Despite a makeshift drive, Rogers says at times during road closures the customers don’t know how to get to the front door. “Most of our contractors have been pretty diligent about finding their way here, but we do have some people that say it's not worth the trouble,” Rogers added.

The company even went to the trouble of pouring a concrete pad in the back and putting up signs to offset some of the lost traffic and restore sales, “If a contractor needs something small, something quick, then they're going to go somewhere where it's easier to get to,” Rogers said.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is tied up right now, according to spokesman Keith Todd. They’re getting area roads ready for snow and ice. Todd says they need a few days of 40 degree weather to pour concrete.

The project began last April and was originally planned to be complete Dec. 15, 2015.

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