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Street crews busy plowing snow before next bout of winter weather

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The snow stopped early in Murphysboro, Illinois, but removing it from streets and sidewalks took up a big part of the day Wednesday. City and road crews worked hard to clean it up in hopes of making people’s commutes a little easier.

The crunch and scrape of snowplows fill Murphysboro streets. John Spradling has been plowing these roads for nearly 15 years. He says with temperatures so close to freezing, they need to push the snow off roads and quick.

"When it starts melting we try to hit the slushy stuff and spread it out so it melts faster, get rid of it quicker," said Spradling.

As soon as city crews finish plowing the snow off streets, they'll turn to pretreating roads for the next bout of winter weather headed their way.

"We'll start pretreating again, probably as soon as tomorrow morning," said Darrin Mills, Murphsyboro Street Department foreman.

Mills says snow on the ground and the possibility of more will have crews working around the clock keeping streets clean.

"It's just going around and hitting stop signs and putting salt brine down or salt, whichever one in preparation for the next storm," Mills said.

"It's better if you can try to get as much of it off the road as you can. That way it doesn't refreeze, and then somebody comes through with a car and hits it," Spralding said. 

Crews were worried their rock salt wouldn’t work well in the equipment, because earlier flooding made it moist. But, they say the snow cleanup went off without a hitch.

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