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Apps to help you deal with winter weather

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You know those things we're supposed to have in our vehicles during severe winter weather, like a blanket and flashlight? There are a few things you may want to download on your smartphone too.

One is our app for the latest weather and news for the area, but there are a few other apps that are good, especially if you're traveling.

For on the road, there's NOAA Snow Forecast. It's a simple to use, simple to see app that gives snow totals based on neighborhoods. Drop the pin on your front yard, and the snow forecast shows you how much it will snow at that spot. The Snow Forecast app is for iOS and Android and costs $2. ­­­

The Snowcast app is an even simpler. Look at what you'll be getting in your front yard. Kids will certainly enjoy checking this app, and I do too. It couldn't be easier to use. Swipe through the hours to see snow totals. Give it permission to locate your phone, and you'll get notifications for when snow is forecast for your area. It's great for travelers, but this one is ios only. ­­­

Hey, getting stranded in a vehicle on a cold highway happens. And if it's ever happened to you, you'll understand why the Winter Survival Kit app is a must. Set it up by entering how much gas your car or truck holds. If you get stuck and need to stay warm, the app estimates how long before you run out of gas.

It'll also send you an alert every 30 minutes if you're afraid you'll fall asleep. And if you're lucky enough to be home but unlucky enough to miss one last trip to the grocery store, Big Oven can be a life­ saver. Go to your pantry or check leftovers. Enter up to three ingredients at the website The website will search a database and find recipes that use those ingredients. You may never have to throw out food again. \

Now, we need an app to the do the cooking, and do the window scraping. 

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