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Brookport city leaders leave city streets unplowed to preserve new roads

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Brookport, IL -

Brookport, Illinois, recently repaved its roads with a $2 million grant from the state, and this year they're not plowing those roads.

There are roads that have been plowed in the city, but they're county roads. Now that people have been driving in the city, cars are at least creating tire tracks.

Neighbors say they'd like to see the snow cleared, but city leaders say their hands are tied.

Marvin Word put down salt and can almost see part of his driveway again. He says his driveway will be the clearest portion of road he'll see for a while. "The whole 10 years I've been here it's been a big problem," he says.

Word says he's not surprised, but wishes for safety reasons and convenience the city could plow the roads. "When it come to the roads in the wintertime, you're basically on your own," he says.

Brookport City Alderman Tom Souders says their engineers decided plowing would destroy the roads, and the city's budget for repairs.

"It's just kind of like a lot of things that happen here. They happen at the wrong time," Souders says.

When there is too much snow on the road, the city will run their plows. But they won't put the blade all the way down, and it'll still leave a layer of snow.

Souders says the town's been through a lot, and this round of snow is something they can handle.

"We'll get through it," Souders says. "We always have."

And after 10 years in the town, Word says he'll stay put and shovel.

Souders says next year they should be able to plow, but this year they need to wait for the summer heat to help cure the new roads.

Souders says if anyone is stranded, they should feel free to call the city or law enforcement for help.

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