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Emergency management advises drivers to prepare before hitting the road

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It snowed all day Friday in Calloway County. The Office of Emergency Management advises you to stay off the roads until conditions clear up on Saturday.

Slick conditions caused a handful of cars to slide off roads on Friday. Bill Call with the Office of Emergency Management says if you do slide off the road, call 911 before a calling tow truck. That way, law enforcement officers can get there to prevent other cars from crashing into you. Call says its best just to avoid the roads all together.

"Stay in. Stay warm. Tomorrow should be a better day out to be out," Call said. "The wind should be an issue today. If you do get stranded without good warm clothes on, this wind would get you chilled quickly."

If you do need to leave home, you're advised to call someone to let them know to expect you and be prepared with blankets, food and water. Also, drive slowly, and check road conditions before leaving home.

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