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Emergency management deals with problem spots on roads

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The sun is out, and roads are starting to clear up. Marshall County, Kentucky Emergency Management Agency says it's still dealing with problem spots on roads.

Snow and ice covered roads and cold weather have many people staying inside this weekend, but not a group of First Baptist Church members in Benton.

"The snow just sort of slows you down a little bit," said Pastor Don Wilson.

Wilson helped the group work fast to shovel snow for an afternoon wedding, and Sunday morning church services.

"We just want to make sure everything was as nice as it possibly could be, so folks weren't out here slipping and sliding around," Wilson said.

If you do choose to go out and enjoy the warmer weather, Marshall County Rescue Squad Chief Kurt Schmidt says it's best not to drive.

"It's definitely getting better, but there's still areas of hard freeze. There's lots of drifting," Schmidt said.

Even roads that look plowed have slick spots caused by ice under a thin layer of snow. Schmidt also warns drivers the wind has pulled some cars off the road.

"Snow drifts will suck your vehicle off the side of the road or get the front end turned around, and that will pull you into a ditch or a snow bank," he said.

Schmidt says it's best enjoy this weekend indoors.

"If you don't need to get out, don't get out," Schmidt said.

Wilson will go back inside once all the work gets done.

"Most of times church doesn't stop for snow. We try to do the things we need to do," said Wilson.

Schmidt says the Marshall County Rescue Squad has seen a few cases where people have been stuck in their cars for several hours. If you are going to go on the road, he advises you to get an early start so you can take your time, and prepare your car in case you do get stuck and have to wait for help.

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