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Ways to be technologically productive during snow days

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Here are some ways to be productive while you're stuck inside during a snow day. 

1. Save your photos. If you haven't done it in a while, you're taking up valuable storage on your smartphone with photos and videos. Save them, download them then delete them. Just connect your phone to your computer and drag and drop each photo onto your desktop. Or, use a photo saving app such as Google Photos or Flickr where you upload them. Then, go back to your phone and delete them to make space for new ones.

2. Search for new apps —maybe something for your finances. Mint will show you what you're spending money on, set up a budget and send you weekly updates of where your money's going. Or, get a calendar app such as Sunrise. It's better than the calendar apps that come with the iPhone or Androids. It'll keep you on schedule using appointments set up through email.

3. Catch up on any updates for apps or programs. They can pile up in a few days. some of them are important, because they include security patches.

4. Put some new music on your device. Build playlists —for driving, for working out, or build a playlist of music from high school or college. These are what we should be doing occasionally.

Things here are thawing out, and I should be back on the road very soon.

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