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Ask A Candidate: Meet Louis "Elliot" Polach

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Elliot Polach is the youngest candidate on the ballot for Paducah mayor. When he looks at the Ohio River, he says he sees opportunity. He believes Paducah is at a pivotal moment and says this mayor’s race is important.

He says being 24 is an advantage because he knows what young people face each day and how to encourage them to stay in Paducah after earning an education. “They take it somewhere else because we don't have the industry here. We need to invite it. As a city, we need to brand ourselves to make it available here,” he said.

A fiscal conservative, Polach says if he became mayor he would reevaluate projects like riverfront development and determine what the payoff would be and whether or not they’re worth the cost. “$60 million (in unfinished projects) is a lot of money. How is the city going to benefit from that?” Polach said.

He wants to invest in the city’s skilled workforce and unused downtown space. He says he would give recent graduates with business ventures incentives on rental space.

On the Sansone development issue, which you can read about here, Polach says “If we would have worked a little bit harder with them, we would have been able to develop an area that's going to bring jobs.”

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