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Replacing partitions could mean a safer, less distracting classroom

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The Mayfield Independent School District hopes to have its facilities plan approved by the Kentucky legislature Wednesday. On the list is removing partitions built inside Mayfield High School in 1974.

Morgan Newell is a senior who's excited for her last day of school. She remembers being a freshman and her first class as a Mayfield Cardinal. “It was different to get used to, but after I got used to it, I love it. I wouldn't change anything about it,” she said.

Superintendent Joe Henderson thinks it’s time for change. He wants to replace thin barriers with something less distracting and safer. He says what worked when the school was built doesn’t work as well today. “You think about noise. You think about the distractions, maybe someone walking through at a particular time,” he said.

The teachers and students have to adjust to the thin walls and lack of doors. Henderson doesn’t believe the changes are urgent, but thinks they will improve the school’s learning atmosphere in the future.

Three to five years is ideal for Henderson. He believes his plans would better secure the school, but he says it’s already a very safe facility. “We've done numerous surveys and things, and I think most every kid would tell you they feel safe here at Mayfield High School.”

The cost to replace the dividers with walls and other school renovations is $8 million. He also wants to replace the HVAC system at Mayfield Middle School at the cost of $3 million. With other items added, the total cost is $20 million.

Henderson is working to secure low interest federal bonds. He also hopes the legislature will fund some of the projects, but right now there’s no additional money in Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed budget.

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