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Sen. Paul suspends campaign, Kentucky March caucus still scheduled

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Sen.  Rand Paul's fifth place finish in Iowa was not a surprise to Murray State Political Science Professor Dr. Drew Seib and neither was Paul's announcement to suspend his campaign.

Seib said Paul's low poll numbers ultimately led to his demise. "When you add the margin of error, he could have 0 percent of the support to 6 or 7 percent," Seib said.

Seib also believes Paul's strategy of trying to attract college-age voters fell short of expectations. "He's really been catering to that youth vote, and that's what he was trying to go after to get to show up in Iowa, and they just did not come out," he said. 

There will not be any changes in Kentucky's March caucus.  Paul's name will still appear on the ballot, but any vote cast for him won't count. Paul told us having a caucus, with or without him, makes the state a political player. "I'm excited, because we get a say in who the nominee will be. If it's in May, the decision largely has been made," Paul said to us over the phone. 

Paul concedes he didn't see momentum after the Iowa caucus. He said it's all a numbers game and this time they didn't add up to win the nomination. "If you think you can win, you stay in. And when you no longer think you can win, it's best to do something else," Paul said.  

Additionally, Seib said Paul's debate performances didn't really give him a boost. "Post debate analysis rarely even talked about him, so he didn't get any extra attention many of the other candidates got," he said. 

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