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Sheriff to install safer internet purchase meeting spot

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Do you use online sale sites or Facebook pages?

Police always warn you to be alert and be smart when you meet people to buy or sell something. Beginning next week, a local sheriff says you should meet them in the courthouse parking lot because it's a few parking spots that will keep everyone safer.

Caitlin Pace buys toys for her daughter from people online, and she has a protocol in place: meet them at the courthouse.

"(I meet them) here in the parking lot or up on the sidewalk where people can have a close eye on me," Pace says. 

Pace says not everyone has the best intentions, and she wants to ensure her own safety. "Sometimes there's that thought in the back of your mind that something bad could happen," Pace says.

That's why McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden says some parking spots will be the safest place for buyers and sellers to meet. He says the area is monitored 24/7 and always recorded by surveillance. Hayden says to install a sign for the meeting place, it doesn't cost the county a cent.

"Most of the people you're going to deal with on the internet, you're going to purchase something from, you don't know who they are, and they don't know who you are," Hayden says.

Even in the off hours, Hayden says you should feel safe because of the constant police presence in the area.

The sign for the parking spot is a simple, safe solution regardless of the items up for sale.

"It just gives you the peace of mind and makes you feel like 'OK. I'm safe. People are watching, I'm good,'" Pace says,.

Hayden says he plans to put the signs up next week. He says even though there are designated spots, people can still meet people inside for a sale.

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