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Local fundraiser cooking up ribs for surgeries overseas

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Getting ready for a super bowl party Sunday? About 188.9 million football fans are expected to watch. The National Retail Federation says the average cost spent on food, decor, and other items for the festivities are $82.19.

Jeremiah Farlow is helping party goers by preparing ribs he’s been selling Friday and Saturday at Sam’s Club in Marion, IL.

"A couple days ago, I made a bunch of glaze and stuff like that," Farlow said.

 He's helped prepare about 700 slabs of ribs for his church, Community of Faith, making sure they're nice and tender.

Executive Pastor and Director of Operations for the Hands of Hope Foundation, Josh Benitone says this is a main fundraiser for their non-profit Hands of Hope. The southern Illinois based organization, helps people overseas with medical needs, building churches, and schools, funding educations, as well as helping free girls from human trafficking in Thailand.

“These guys will literally leave their families in the middle of the night and they are cooking thousands and thousands of pounds of meat every year that changes thousands and thousands of lives,” Benitone said.

One slab can pay for an entire emergency surgery like a hernia or two cataract surgeries.

“You get a hernia surgery here, you'll be paying it off for a year, but literally today, you buy a slab of ribs you'll heal somebody,” Benitone said.

These slabs only make up a portion of the 10 million pounds expected to be sold nationwide this week, but in just two days, this event helps bring in close to $15,000 for the nonprofit. The proceeds of this fundraiser are specifically going to a medical outreach in Liberia that’s coming up in a couple weeks.

Their Heroes BBQ Team will be selling ribs until they run out or dark at Sam’s Club Saturday. Their next fundraiser will be during Mother’s Day.

In the five years they've been doing their Super Bowl fundraiser they've raised $100,000.

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