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6-year-old boy overcomes heart defect to help others in need

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Every parent wants their child to be born healthy and happy, but 40,000 kids are born with a congenital heart defect every year.

Like many of those children, Matix Bizaillion needed open heart surgery at 6 months old to survive. Now a vibrant 6 year old, Matix is determined to help mend little hearts.

On the outside, Matix looks like your typical first grader and, like many kids his age, he loves sports.

"I like to play basketball," said Matix. When Matix was 2 weeks old, his mom found out he had a serious health problem.

"His doctor put the stethoscope to his chest, and listened, and listened, and listened for what seemed like an eternity to us. And me and my husband looked at each other and knew right then there was something wrong," said Mandy Bizaillion.

Doctors were able to help Matix, but many cases go undiagnosed.

"He very easily could have went forever not knowing this until he was out playing on the basketball court," said Mandy Bizaillion.

The Bizaillions are now trying to help out other families in need by delivering 50 bravery bags per month to Cardinal Glennon and Children's Hospital in St. Louis. Bravery Bags include little things, from Chapstick to hand sanitizer, and even a stuffed animal.

"Lots of babies are born and instantly to St. Louis they go,” said Mandy. “They don't have time to plan or prepare, so we want these bags there for them with the little things that no one thinks of just to make their stay a little bit easier."

"I want to tell other kids that it will be alright," said Matix.

He hopes little things will help families mend little hearts, one donation at a time.

If you would like to help Matix reach his goal of 50 bravery bags this month. you can drop off donations at Waltonville Grade School in Jefferson County, Illinois, or you can click here.

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