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A Carbondale hospital unveils technology inside expansion project

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If you or a loved one needs surgery, how much do you actually know about the kind of equipment your hospital uses?

A Carbondale hospital is unveiling new technology as part of its multi-million dollar expansion. Doctors say the new equipment won’t just get you in and out of surgery faster. It can save lives.

Inside Memorial Hospital of Carbondale’s new, hybrid operating room you’ll find a robotic X-ray arm. It may look odd, but vascular surgeon Dr. Mohammed Al-Zoubaidi says it lets doctors with different specialties work together to diagnose and treat patients at the same time.

"There's no doubt this is a very valuable tool that we own here," said Al-Zoubaidi.

The new operating rooms mean a patient could potentially walk in with a blockage in a leg, doctors can take X-ray images right away with their new 3D robotic arm and put the patient immediately into surgery if it’s needed. Doctors say that kind of speed and convenience will be game changing.

The hybrid operating room is one of three new operating rooms at the hospital, completed during the first part of the $52 million expansion project. New technology inside even lets doctors switch up surgical styles, depending on what works best for your body.

"That's the beauty of the hybrid operating room. It doesn't limit you to one approach," Al-Zoubaidi said.

And with the new capacity, the hospital can soon treat at least 100 more patients a month. Director of Cardiovascular Services Dr. Tony Capuano says getting people into surgeries they need faster and without the need to travel to big cities means saving lives.

"There are a lot of silent killers within cardiovascular disease. Truly, abdominal aortic aneurysms are a silent killer. And now, having this state of the art technology here will save lives by being able to diagnose and treat them," said Capuano.

By the end of February, the rooms will be up, running and ready for patients.

The next part of the hospital’s three part expansion project is expected to be finished by September of 2017.

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