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Illinois pays Saline County more than $105K in salary reimbursements

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The Saline County, Illinois, State's Attorney's Office says the state recently paid the county more than $105,000 in reimbursements for salaries of the state's attorney, public defender and supervisor of assessments for 2015. 

The state paid the county $105,030.29.

Saline County State's Attorney Michael J. Henshaw filed a civil lawsuit for the funds in December on behalf of Saline County against Illinois Department of Revenue Director Constance Beard and Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler-Munger to recoup funds he says are owed to the county from the Personal Property Tax Replacement Fund that were withheld by the state since July.

The attorney's office says the state still hasn't made its January 2016 reimbursement to Saline County. The attorney's office says the Saline County treasurer has sent the invoice for those reimbursements, and Henshaw has gotten word from the Illinois Attorney General's Office indicating the state intends to make all future payments.

The attorney's office says Henshaw plans to wait and see if the state pays the required future reimbursements before he will consider dismissing the lawsuit.

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