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Some voters to travel, vote absentee in GOP caucus

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Republicans in Kentucky will cast their votes for their presidential favorite in the caucus March 5, but not all voters will be able to stay in their home county.

Some counties will have joint caucuses. Republicans in Carlisle County will have to cast their ballots in Ballard County, and Livingston County voters will vote in Marshall County. Some voters are not happy that their county lacks a caucus location. 

Livingston County Republican Jennifer Ferrell says she's looking forward to the state's first GOP caucus. "I'm excited about it," she says, but "I wish we could have been able to vote here."

She says she's not too thrilled about driving an hour to a neighboring county to cast her vote. She says at least she's used to driving distances where she needs to go, but she worries others won't want to travel.

"It's out of the norm. It's out of the comfort zone to go to another place to vote," Ferrell says.

If you don't want to drive, you can register absentee. Just be sure to do it before Feb. 19.

Livingston-Marshall Regional Caucus Chairman Danny Holt says every Republican in Kentucky can caucus, no matter the distance from a polling place.

"The main thing is getting them to vote," Holt says. "This created a lot of enthusiasm about the whole process."

Ferrell says it's still a privilege to vote, no matter if she has to go to Marshall County in March.

"its going to be a very interesting election," Ferrell says. 

Republican voters will still vote in the May primary, but not for a presidential candidate.

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