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Snowy Valentine's Day Weddings

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Snowfall outside in Paducah Sunday didn't stop couples from getting married inside the River Discovery Center on Valentine’s Day. Several couples shared a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Judge Jeff Hines donated his time to officiate the weddings.

Newlyweds Kody Keeling and Megan Ross-Keeling say the snow made it a prettier day but worried at first it would get in their way of tying the knot.

“I was worried the whole thing was going to be cancelled because I didn't know how bad the snow was. Then my grandparents called down and they're like, 'hey it's snowing' and I am just like, 'dang it',” Megan said.

Kody said snow or not they were going to get married today.

“I mean downtown is just a beautiful place anyway, but the snow adds to the environment,” Kody said.

Kody’s mother, sister, and nephews couldn’t make it to the wedding, but he made sure they were still a part of it through live cell phone video using Facebook Messenger.

“I wanted to make sure they were able to see it all because they weren't able to make it down,” Kody said.

His mother even helped him get ready by using the live cell phone video.

“She helped me tie my knot on my tie,” Kody said.

Megan is also the first bride to wear a wedding gown in the River Discovery Center's 4 years of doing weddings on Valentine's Day.

The Valentine's Day Weddings raise money for the education program at the River Discovery Center.  One of the couples renewing their vows Sunday didn't make it because of the weather.

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