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Not enough snow for free furniture at Paducah Warehouse Furniture

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Some Paducah Warehouse Furniture customers got some bad news over the weekend.

Snow was measured at 2.5 inches at Barkley Regional Airport on Sunday. That's only half an inch under what was needed to get furniture for free.

It's a big bummer for customers like Lisa Lauck. She spent $2,200 on three new furniture sets.

A spokesperson for the store says this year was the closest they've come to reaching that three inch mark.

"We are feeling frustrated, really. And the reason we're frustrated is we want our customers to be happy, and nothing would make them happier than free furniture. I mean, we've got low prices anyway here, but free is even better than a low price," says store spokesman Jeff Lawrence. 

"It is kind of disappointing when you think you're going to get your money back, especially when you've spent that much money. I was like 'Oh, this is going to be fantastic, but you know," says Lauck. "It's a great promotion that they're doing, and we were, what, a half inch close? Gosh, if it just had snowed a little bit more."

The promotion goes: "If it snows at least three on Valentine's Day, you get it all free".

Lawrence says if we did get three or more inches of snow, the furniture store wouldn't lose any money because of an insurance policy.

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