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Escape Room Challenge - Anchors vs Producer


Could you get out in time? Two teams from WPSD square off in a competition at “Talon Falls Escape.” They volunteered to work together to see if they could unlock gates and doors, find clues, and answer riddles to escape a room designed to keep you locked inside.

Team #1 calls themselves “This Just In” and Team #2 is “Mystery Incorporated.” The two teams each took turns, separately, making their way through the escape room to see how could make it out in under an hour. 

To learn more about "Talon Falls Escape," click here.

Team One: "This Just In"

Johnette Worak

Mike Mallory

Mychaela Bruner

John Champion

Team Two: "Mystery Incorporated"

Nick Miller

Dillon Burnett

Ben Tidwell

Taryn Jolly

Allison Jones


Make your choice now. Which team do you think wins the challenge?

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