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Local law enforcement agencies working to decrease police fatalities through extra training

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They work to protect you and your family, but Tuesday was about keeping those behind the badge safe, too.

Below 100 is an organization aimed at bringing the number of preventable police deaths down. They held a training seminar at the Paducah Police Department Tuesday. 

Michelle Duvall is constantly reminded of her husband’s important but sometimes dangerous job. Her husband Brian is a Post 1 Kentucky State Police sergeant. She vividly remembers the night he responded to the death of Trooper Cameron Ponder. “That night he got called out, and there was a group of us girls that stayed up on our phones all night just waiting for a phone call making sure that they were all going to be okay,” Duvall remembers.

Below 100 hopes to get preventable deaths down by using five friendly reminders for police: wear your seat belt, wear your vest, watch your speed, focus on what's important in the moment, and that complacency kills. The purpose of the training wasn’t to be on the defensive, but to practice safe patrolling habits.

Paducah Police Sgt. Ryan Conn thinks a lot of good came out of the presentation. “Sometimes, even if it's something that seems common sense, it's great to have that refresher and have it put right back in front of your face to focus on one more time,” Conn said.

Duvall said her husband is always at work and, although some nights are easier than others, she says she’ll always worry. “I may be asleep, but until he walks through that door and I hear that vest come off, then I know its okay,” Duvall said.

For more information on Below 100, click here

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