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Gov. Rauner outlines options to end budget impasse

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Gov. Bruce Rauner is giving Illinois lawmakers a choice to either implement his cost-saving proposals in exchange for a $36 billion budget or give him authority to make $4 billion in cuts to end a months-long budget stalemate.
The options were outlined in the Republican governor's budget address to lawmakers Wednesday. Rauner gave his second budget address amid a historic budget gridlock that has Illinois operating without a budget for eight months now, triggering massive cuts to social service programs and higher education.
Democrats have already balked at the idea of giving Rauner unilateral power to make cuts. And they've dismissed Rauner's suggested reforms, like curbing the power of unions and instituting term limits.
A budget with cuts would be $32.8 billion because the state doesn't have enough revenue to match a $36 billion spending plan.

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