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Hickman County leads state in kindergarten readiness

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Forget the ABCs. Now your kindergartners are learning to write about their days in complete sentences.

That’s the standard now, and not all schools are measuring up. The state average for kindergarten readiness, according to the Brigance testing, is 50 percent. But Hickman County is at 80 percent The county leads all 120 Kentucky counties in kindergarten readiness.

Stefanie Tucker knows her students, and she can tell when they’re not prepared for their first day of kindergarten. “Usually those children struggle at routine and transitions. They struggle at maybe communication skills,” Tucker said. She thinks preschool helps them know the basics before day one. That, she says, gets them used to the classroom setting and excited to learn.

Dana Estes has taught pre-K for 22 years. “It has turned into more like a kindergarten program. So, they're expecting more out of the kids. But the kids soak it all up and have no problems with that at all,” Estes said.

Estes says the support of the administration and the full day instead of just a half day gives the students more time to learn. If your child isn’t in pre-K, you can practice counting and spelling.

No matter their learning stage, Tucker wants her kindergarten students prepared for first grade. “It is still my job to bring it down to the old kindergarten ways and to teach that child where they are,” Tucker said.

Brigance testing measures knowledge, language skills, and physical ability.

To see how your county measures up on kindergarten preparedness, click here.

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