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Another push for packaged alcohol sales in local community

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Steven Elder is spearheading the latest effort to bring packaged alcohol to Mayfield. He said the city's precincts largely supported last month's county-wide vote.

"I want every opportunity for a community to grow and to have businesses and jobs for this area, and I think alcohol is a small component, small piece of that puzzle," Elder said. 

Elder believes the improvements to what will become I-69 are also a piece to that puzzle and fears if another vote fails, it will stall future growth. "We are along that I-69 corridor and, if we don't have this, then you are going to have less opportunity for development or at least restrict yourself," he told Local 6.

The city already allows for the sale of alcoholic drinks by the glass, and opponents of the current proposal want to keep it that way. They say children shouldn't be exposed to the bad habits of their parents.

"We just don't think more alcohol is a good thing for Graves County," said Al Chandler. He's a Graves County minister and said working with children opened his eyes about alcoholism. He opposes any effort to expand alcohol sales. 

"Lots of children, lots of young people that don't have a voice in this matter, that don't have voice in this election, and so we feel like there's work to be done," Chandler said. 

Elder plans to turn in petitions early next week. Graves County Clerk Barry Kennemore said any special election will likely happen after the May primary.

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