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State's attorney takes deeper look into Brookport Police incident

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Brookport, IL -

A state's attorney says a deeper look into an altercation reveals a Brookport, Illinois, police officer acted appropriately when he tried to detain a woman earlier this month.

Massac County State's Attorney Patrick Windhorst says he received a copy of the video, which shows part of the altercation, and a copy of the report. Based on that evidence, he says, the officer acted appropriately given the situation he was in.

You may remember earlier this month WPSD showed you cell phone video taken by a local viewer.

It shows a struggle between a Brookport Police Officer and 30-year-old Kristen Robertson.

Police say Robertson was pulled over in Paducah on Feb. 6 for not wearing a seat belt, but drove away during the traffic stop.

She was found across the bridge in Brookport, where she was confronted by a local officer.

Police say Robertson resisted arrest and then bit the officer trying to detain her.

In the video, you can see him pulling back his elbow and swinging his arm forward, he does this twice.

Police say that action was to get Robertson to release her jaw and she eventually did.

Robertson is charged with aggravated battery and resisting a peace officer.

She's currently being held at the Massac County Jail with a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 1.

Robertson is also facing charges in Paducah for not wearing a seat belt, not having a license on her and for fleeing police.

Her arraignment hearing for those charges is March 9 in McCracken County.

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