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Sheriff's department warns of phone scam targeting local businesses

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The McCracken County Sheriff's Department says several local businesses have reported receiving scam phone calls claiming to be from Kentucky Utility. 

Deputies say the caller is woman with a foreign accent claiming she's with Kentucky Utilities, which is an electricity provider for parts of McCracken County. The caller claims the business has to send in money within 45 minutes or its electricity will be shut off.

The woman gives the business the telephone number 844-566-8697. If they call, they're directed on where and how to send money.

Deputies say they've spoken with Kentucky Utility officials, and the officials confirmed the call is a scam. Kentucky Utility never contacts individuals or businesses in this manner. 

Kentucky Utilities asks, if you've gotten a scam call like this, to call its customer service number, 502-627-2000, to report it

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