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Murray replacing broken water storage clear well

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Better water for you and your family: Murray city leaders say they're about to make a  major upgrade to the city's water system.

One of its clear wells,  which stores clean water, has been out of commission for six years. That's one reason your bills have been higher. According to city leaders, the well is an overdue improvement.

Cleaning, refilling drinks, more cleaning —a restaurant requires quality water. Sirloin Stockade owner Adam Carver says his business uses a lot of water. He says the cost of water is always an issue, but if that cost will help improve his community and his business, he'll gladly pay it.

"Someone has to pay for it and, as a consumer, that it's the right decision," Carver says. 

According to Murray's chief water plant operator, Freddie O'Bryan, getting clean water to your faucet is not an easy process. O'Bryan says they're missing something major in their water operation: one of their clear wells hasn't worked for 6 years. "We don't have enough in storage for a day if we had a water shortage," he says. 

The water is stored underground in a clear well, but a city the size of Murray needs two clear wells. With two wells, O'Bryan says they can better rid the bad things from your water. Although replacing the well will be a slow process, O'Bryan says a new well will mean one thing: better quality water.

The city plans to work with an engineering firm to completely replace the old well, at an estimated cost of $2 million.

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