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6 more people speaking against chiropractor charged with sexual abuse

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Stephen McAdoo Stephen McAdoo

More people are coming forward saying they’re victims of sexual abuse by a local chiropractor.

Graves County deputies arrested Dr. Steven McAdoo yesterday. A report says McAdoo committed first degree sexual abuse while performing an adjustment on a patient.

Sexual abuse involves touching private areas, like the groin and the chest, under clothing. Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says the sheriff's office is taking six more reports, and he thinks McAdoo could be arrested again soon on the charges.

The future of McAdoo Chiropractic Center in Mayfield is unclear. Wednesday, it was closed. There’s no statute of limitations on felony sexual abuse in Kentucky. With six more people coming forward, Redmon says another arrest of McAdoo is definitely possible.  

He says McAdoo is a well known chiropractor with many years of experience. Despite how well-known he is, Redmon says he wants to encourage anyone who believes they may be a victim to give him a call. “We have to treat every case whether it's a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer, judge, it doesn't matter. If someone comes in and files a complaint, we have to do an investigation," he says.

Redmon says there are text message communications in the case will be used as evidence. McAdoo’s arraignment is in Graves County on March 23. 

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